HempTank is a think tank that has been set up as the bridging instrument to allow individuals and businesses alike in the world of Hemp to interface with national and international figures. We shall discuss, develop and create white papers to effect change within the existing legislation or challenge it entirely.

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HempTank has been initiated in response to the demand from within the hemp industry to develop the policies critical to the implementation of future legislation. This is not only critical for it’s economic development but also for the protection and welfare of everyone involved.

We have invited appropriate delegates who have the opportunity to develop and present the foundations of future policy.

If you are interested in being a part of HempTank, contact us and we will respond to your application as soon as possible. Please note that membership can only be by invitation at this time.

HempTank shall shortly confirm the location of its first forum and a full disclosure of all details regarding topics for discussion and expected attendees.


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Building Contacts

Please share your areas of interest and some basic contact information using the contact form.